Namedinger - Defining Your Business

Choosing the best name for your new business is one of the most important decisions you will make. Select the right name and customers will flock to your door. Pick the wrong name and it could sabotage your business before you even begin.

You could try to think up the perfect name yourself, but this decision is too important to make without previous branding experience. Or you could pay thousands to a branding firm, adding a costly expense to your startup budget.

Introducing Namedinger

Now there’s a better way. Introducing Namedinger, the comprehensive business branding program based on scientific principles that is guaranteed to give your business the most effective and profitable name possible. Namedinger uses computer algorithms to compare thousands of potential names against an array of proven branding criteria.

Namedinger’s exclusive technology will automatically generate a selection of memorable, effective business brand names for you to choose from. You can even compare how the names Namedinger develops for your business match up against some of the most successful corporate brands, such as Microsoft and Starbucks.

Simple, User Friendly Tools

Namedinger comes with a comprehensive eBook that describes the key business branding practices that Namedinger uses to create effective, memorable business names for your business so you can understand what makes a great business name.

You will also receive a detailed video presentation that describes step-by- step the process of maximizing your business’s branding value.

You Define the Parameters

Prior to generating potential business names, Namedinger asks you to complete a simple survey describing key words about your business and personalized preferences about the business names you like best.

You may change or modify these descriptions any time you like. Namedinger uses this information to personalize the algorithm to generate business names that best match your preferences. The names are based on best branding principles, instead of just
combining random words like other naming programs.

Create Original Business Names Instantly

The Namedinger Business Name Generator uses the keywords and descriptions you provide to create highly brandable, original business names. It even scores those brands against 10 unique parameters, including ease of pronunciation, simplicity, and alliterative value.

Plus Namedinger automatically searches to determine which names are already in use, disqualifying those names and saving you the frustration of selecting a name that someone else owns.

Dozens of Brands to Choose From

In just moments, Namedinger generates dozens of names for your brand. Select your top choices and Namedinger instantly shows you how each name compares against a checklist of commonly used branding criteria.

The program even lets you hear what the each brand name
sounds like when spoken aloud..

Full control of the words listed in all categories!

While Namedinger provides you with a list of more than 1000 popular words to use in generating your perfect business name, Namedinger PRO adds the ability to add, edit and delete words from the provided word lists, to setup the lists exactly as you want them. You can even add foreign words.

Namedinger PRO also allows you to change 10 different parameters used by the name-generation algorithms in scoring your business names. Prefer longer names? Just change the length-parameter and Namedinger PRO will start generating longer names.

See how your competitors compare to your favourites!

Namedinger PRO allows you to enter any existing brand names - such as Microsoft, Apple or Starbucks - and see how they compare to the full array of branding criteria versus the best brand names Namedinger created for your company.

Plus Namedinger PRO lets you tweak your favourites so you can boost their scores compared to the branding criteria!

Namedinger can help you choose the best name for your business without giving away
thousands to a branding company. Normally, Namedinger sells for $297, but for a limited
time only it is available at the Special Internet Price of only $97, a savings of nearly 200%!

Namedinger PRO, which gives you even more flexibility to choose your own keywords to the algorithm parameters - including foreign words! - and also allows you to modify 10 different parameters to best fit your business naming needs, normally sells for $397. But for a limited
time it can now be yours for only $197, a savings of $200 off the original price!

And best of all, both Namedinger and Namedinger PRO come with a no questions asked 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
if you are in any way not satisfied with the product.

In today's business world, you can't afford to have a brand name that fails to grab your customers the very first time they
see or hear it. Create a proven business brand name from the very first day without handing over a fortune to a giant
branding corporation. Get Namedinger or Namedinger PRO today!

Generates effective business names for your company based on proven branding criteria.

Allows you to choose from more than 1000 popular words to generate your perfect business name.

Lets you personalize the name generation by entering key words about your business.

Grades your favourite business names against 10 standard branding criteria.

Allows you to see how your business names stack up against existing successful business brands.

No questions asked 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You get everything Namedinger provides, PLUS:
Gives you the ability to add, edit and delete words from the provided word lists, to setup lists whichever way you want, and to add foreign words!

Allows you to modify the business branding parameters used to score your business names whichever way you want to best fit your needs.

Lets you compare the brand names of your competitors and other existing business names to the names Namedinger PRO generates for your company so you can see how they measure up point-by-point against the full array of standard branding criteria.

No questions asked 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!